Export Market Access and Development

Through its principal, Dr. Andre Gordon’s scientific background, TSL has also contributed significantly in the area of practical implementation of the changes and upgrading required to attain market access in the most demanding markets around the globe.   The company has led the research and science-based processes by which the US import alert on Jamaica’s Canned Ackees (Blighia sapida) was lifted in 2000 and again in 2006 and facilitated the resumption of Queen Conch (Strombus giga) exports to the European Union (EU) markets.

TSL also offers market entry support with the registration of food processing facilities with the FDA.  This is a requirement for all Food Canning Establishments (FCE) which manufactures acidified or low acid canned foods that are packaged in hermetically sealed containers. TSL undertakes “New” registrations, as well as the renewal of registrations biannually (between October and December of even-numbered years e.g. 2016). For each product manufactured, a unique Submission Identifier (SID) number is assigned once the information is filed with the FDA.  TSL has over a decade of experience with the acquisition of SID numbers through the filing of schedule processes on behalf of our clients.

The assessment of labels is another area of market entry support TSL provides to ensure that our clients’ labels comply with the entry requirements of their market.  One of the leading cause for detention by the FDA is due to labelling errors.  TSL’s technical services department offers label assessment services, to review and recommend changes to the labels to ensure that our clients’ labels are fully compliant with the regulations of the intended market. Label reviews are not limited to the regulations of the United States of America as our capabilities extend to reviews against the regulations of the UK, EU and Canada, among others.

An associated company, TSL Technical Services Limited (TTSL) has expertise in international trade and export market access and development, including the development of Marketing and Business Plans around the region and elsewhere.   Over the years, TTSL has worked with a variety of businesses including micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) in the areas of agriculture, creative industry products, agro-processing, craft and giftware, services, exporting and tourism/hospitality.  TTSL has also worked with organizations that support exporters and provided guidance in the development and implementation of national approaches to export strategy and export business development.   One area of focus has been facilitating market access for Caribbean companies and addressing trade-related and other problems of a technical nature, including but not limited to Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures and Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT).    The company has provided solution-oriented technical assistance in this regard to various players in the SME, private sector and support institutions in Jamaica, Antigua and the OECS, other Caribbean countries, Canada, Southern Africa, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU).

Through the various assignments covering the region, from the Bahamas to Suriname, TSL has analyzed and advised various stakeholders on existing and potential opportunities for spices and other agribusiness exports sub-regionally, regionally and globally.  A distinct strength of the company is its depth of knowledge about the trends in the international marketplace for a wide range of products, including sauces and spices, with very specific knowledge relating to products exported from the Caribbean.  Another strength of the company is its expertise in and knowledge of the trade-related treaties as well as the practical implementation of trade-related matters.  These have been applied not only to conduct many workshops and training programmes for a variety of organizations (IADB, CDE, USAID, CIDA) but also to implement practical solutions to trade challenges around the region and elsewhere.