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Handling Food Safety Issues In Paradise

Handling Food Safety Issues In Paradise

Handling Food Safety Issues In Paradise

Handling Food Safety Issues in Paradise: Part 1—The Caribbean By Linda L. Leake, MS (an Excerpt from captioned article)

“Compliance with the FSMA requirements that have come into force or are approaching their implementation dates is a concern for food manufacturers on the Caribbean islands,” states Dr. André Gordon Ph.D, CFS, Managing Director of Technological Solutions Limited.

Speaking in an interview with Linda Leake, Dr. Gordon shared information on some of the challenges facing Caribbean Food Manufacturers. He indicated that the Preventive Controls for Human Foods Rule (21 CFR part 117), the Produce Safety Rule, traceability requirements, compliance with the Foreign Supplier Verification Program requirements, and conformance with the allergen management and labeling requirement are issues which are all important to exporters. So too is understanding the implications of the full implementation of the FSMA, particularly the Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventuve Controls  regulations.

In her article Ms. Leake reports that the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is among the most prominent food safety issues currently impacting Caribbean exporters, with ongoing inspection of food and ingredient exporters being carried out by the FDA. Caribbean exporters are not only expected to meet the requirement of the US market, but also meet the food safety and quality systems requirements of buyers from the European Union and Canada, as well as complying with labelling, residue, and other limits, being a constant challenge.

In the article, Dr. Gordon emphasizes that Caribbean food regulations, where they exist, need to be based on food safety system principles, rather than on quality criteria.

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